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Rachid KoraÏchi - Artists - Aicon Art 2024


Born 1947 in Aïn Beïda, Algeria.
Lives in France, works in France, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.

Koraïchi’s work is influenced by his heritage as a Quraishite, a transcriber of Quranic text, in the Aurès region of Algeria. Language, whether written or spoken, transmits history, faith, culture, and life. For African artists in particular, it is a powerful combatant against pernicious myths about Africa’s supposed lack of history or letters, as well as a medium for visual experimentation. For Koraïchi, an artist deeply invested in democratic and free speech movements, the omnipresence of language - both readable and inscrutable - is a political statement.

The artist’s exploration of script quickly evolved to meld characters from Arabic with his own personal system of codes, numbers, and marks. He has referred to his visual lexicon as an ‘alphabet of memory,’ using it to articulate not only his aesthetic vision, but also his views on co-existence, tolerance, and perseverance.